Monday, June 28, 2010

Marry, Boff, Kill v 2.0

Marry, boff or kill?  In case you don't remember, the game is simple.

Or is it?

If you're a STRAIGHT DUDE or a TOTAL LEZ and you're reading this, you can still play along.  The whole point of MBK is to use your critical thinking skills.  It's ok.  Once again, I promise it's not a Gus Triandos situation.
In honor of today's games, I've got two sets of Brazilian, Chilean, Dutch and Slovakian players for you to plan your lives with.  Begin.


Marry, Boff, Kill:  Giovanni Van Bronckhosrt, Lucio or Martin Skrtel?


Marry, Boff, Kill:  Alexis Sanchez, Robert Vittek or Robinho?


  1. these are fairly easy:
    marry - Van Bronckhorst - I have been in love with him for years and years

    boff - Skrtl - with all those tattoos you figure he's probably an animal in bed

    kill - Lucio - diving, cheating Brazilian.
    marry - Sanchez - could he be any more adorable?

    boff - I suppose of those choices that are left I will say Vittek for no real reason. Can I pick Sanchez for this one too?

    kill - Robinho - diving, cheating Brazilian.

  2. I don't like any of those players, so I'll make up my own list. For the defenders, marry John Roberts of CNN, boff John Roberts of CNN, kill Kyra Phillips of CNN.

    For the forwards, marry Michelle Obama, boff Wendy Whoppers, and kill Giuseppe Rossi.